Newborn donkey PALOMA

We are happy to announce that April 15, 2016 was born little donkey. Donkey baby girl was named Paloma. For more pictures follow us on Facebook.

Donkey PALOMA  Donkey PALOMA


New Menu at Grill Restaurant Mlyn Karlstejn

Come to taste the new menu and discover the experience of freshwater fish from our pond or aquarium. You can enjoy lovely sitting on summer terrace with a beautiful view of Berounka River. For full menu, please click here.


Responsive Website coming soon

Responsive web is cleverly adapted to each device. So soon you can comfortably browse our website on the tablet and mobile devices. You can enjoy the lush, simple design in elegant gray and light turquoise.

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New Executive rooms

We are pleased to introduce the new Executive Rooms, which are luxuriously furnished to provide your comfort and make you feel like at home, even better. The bright and spacious rooms with a seating area to relax or working desk to do work. Renovated air-conditioned rooms have oak floors and lovely Berounka River or garden views. For more information, see the section ROOMS. We look forward to your visit!

Executive room  Executive room


What they wrote about us

Wednesday, June 3, 2015 german weekly newspaper Prager Zeitung published an article about Romantic Hotel Mlýn Karlštejn. Article tells its readers about a summer romance in the picturesque village Karlstejn. Weekly newspaper reports about current topics from politics, business, society and culture in the Czech Republic. Full article (in German only) can be found here.


Royal Parade June 6-7, 2015

Royal Parade from Prague to Karlštejn is a reconstruction of an actual historical event, when Emperor Charles IV. transported the crown jewels of Prague, where he exhibited his subjects back to Karlštejn into the chapel Cross. This year when we commemorate 660 years since the coronation of Charles IV. Holy Roman Emperor, exiting the traditional historical procession for the ninth time. More information can be found here:

Royal Parade 2015


Open Air Rock Festival June 6, 2015

For the fifth time this year Open Air Rock Festival will presents a series of better-known and lesser-known bands. Beautifully spaces between rocks and river Berounkou where you can dance, enjoy the sunshine or sit in the shade, drink and listen to good rock. More information can be found here:

Open Air Rock Festival 2015


Certificate of Excellence 2015

The TripAdvisor‬ Certificate of Excellence‬ is awarded to properties that consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on TripAdvisor. We are proud Romantic Hotel Mlýn Karlštejn won. Thank you!

Certificate of Excellence 2015


Wedding Place of the Year 2014

It is our pleasure to announce, that Romantic Hotel Mlýn Karlštejn won 1st place in a contest - Wedding Place of the Year 2014!  We truly appreciate the award, thank you.

Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn - Wedding Place of the Year 2014


Acetylene nostalgia Karlstejn 4th - 5th of October, 2014

The weekend 4th - 5th of October on Karlštejn in Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlštejn, there was reunion of historic vehicles with the name "Acetylene nostalgia" with a two-day journey around the surrounding hills and historic sites. Rides participated motorcycles and cars made till 1918.

The unique event was organized by the Veteran Car Club Prague and township Karlštejn. The event was held in Karlštejn township and its surroundings.

Romantic hotel Mlýn Karlštejn - Historic vehicles    Romantic hotel Mlýn Karlštejn - Historic vehicles


Movie shooting of the Italian television series

Our Romantic hotel Mlýn Karlštejn is also a popular place for filmmakers. On the 5th of September there was the movie shooting of the Italian television series.

Romantic hotel Mlýn Karlštejn - Movie shooting of the Italian television series


XVIII. year of Karlstejn Vintage 27. – 28. of September 2014

And again, it's here! Already the 18th year of Karlstejn vintage in the traditional coat. Take advantage of the last days of September to visit Karlstejn and join a trip into history with a tasting of traditional Czech products, Karlstejn wine and young wine.

This year is prepared for you a traditional parade and the arrival of the Emperor Charles the Karlstejn, jousting and various other performances and other news. You have a unique opportunity to use special express the style of the fifties of the twentieth century. Steam express locomotive and carriages with wooden seats take you at regular interval from Prague Smichov, through Dobrichovice and Revnice up to Karlstejn or back.

On Saturday and Sunday between 11:00 nd 16:00 directly in front of Tavern Ezop on the meadow you can see jousting.

Program download here.

Special Express from Prague - timetables and more information here.

News 2014 – River cruises in Karlstejn

Karlstejn river cruises on the river Berounka are a novelty of 2014. A trip to the castle you can made more attractive by extraordinary experience. Prices of ship tickets are acceptable to all. Adults for 80 CZK, children up to 16 years for 40 CZK a child less than 3 years for free. The length of cruise is around 20 minutes. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and pleasant cruise, visible is also ZOO park with camels at the Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn. It starts from the “Koliba U Elisky” (central parking), daily from 10:00 to 17:30. The exceptions are the days when the castle is closed.

More info you can find here.


A new additional to our animal family – Donkey Kenzo

It is said that Friday the 13th is in many countries considered as an unlucky day. In the Romantic hotel Mlyn Karlstejn is not true, because just on Friday 13th of July 2014 in the hotel was born a new addition to our animal family donkey Kenzo.

Donkey Kenzo


New type of room "THE BEST ROOM"

For demanding clients Romantic hotel Mlyn Karlstejn prepare new type of room called THE BEST ROOM. Exclusive design room with oak flooring, free standing bathtube Villeroy & Boch, and modern bathroom with luxury Italian tiling equipped with Villeroy & Boch and HansaStar accessories. This unique room features river view. For more information about the features and prices of room visit the hotel website.

The Best Room  The Best Room  The Best Room     


TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice 2014

It is our pleasure to announce that Romantic hotel Mlyn has again placed in the prestigious survey “Travelers’ Choice” organized by international traveler portal TripAdvisor. This year we even managed to improve our position and ended on 18th place in category “Bargain Hotel”.



Romantic hotel Mlýn Karlštejn experienced a lot of changes from year 2001. Can you spot at least 10 differences?

Vývoj hotelu


Tavern Ezop - new Greek restaurant opened!

New Greek restaurant, located near Romantic Hotel Mlýn, opened. Restaurant offers traditional Greek specialties like Tzatziki, Greek bifteki Jemisto, chicken Souvlaki, Baklava and many others, prepared by skillful Greek chef Dimitrios Koursaris. More information can be found on:

Cafe Bar Grill Ezop  Cafe Bar Grill Ezop  Cafe Bar Grill Ezop    


New member of our animal family - donkey Coco

Donkey Coco was born on July 01, 2013.

Donkey Coco with mother Klara  Donkey Coco  Donkey Coco with mother Klara

Our animal family in Karlstejn welcomed two new members

Romantic Hotel Mlýn Karlstejn welcomed in February two new members to its animal family, one year old two-humped camels Klea and Nero. Come to visit them. Více fotografií naleznete na webových stránkách hotelu v sekci Fotogalerie anebo na hotelovém Facebooku ZDE.

Nero a Klea 1    Nero a Klea 2  Krmení


Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn after winter reconstruction

Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn underwent, in winter months, another minor reconstruction, during which was renovated entrance part of the hotel, as well as hotel stairs connecting public areas of the hotel with the accommodation part. The result is best to be seen with you own eyes, nonetheless we here present you small sample.

Schodiště RHMK     Schodiště RHMK


TripAdvisor – Traveler’s Choice Award 2013

Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn was awarded in TripAdvisor’s 2013 Traveler’s Choice, for being 24th best hotel in Czech Republic, in Top 25 Small Hotels category. Only 2 hotels based outside Prague placed in this prestigious poll, and one of them is Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn.

More information can be found.  here.

Tripadvisor - Top small hotels in Czech Republic



SUSY –  New addition to our animal family

In December 2012, Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn have welcomed a new member of its family – two year old mule Susy. Susy comes from Malaga, Spain from where she had to make 2.700 km and 10 days long journey, all the way up to Karlstejn.

Mula Susy     Mula Susy


Wedding Place of the Year 2012

It is our pleasure to announce, that Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn won 3rd place in a contest - Best Wedding Place of the Year 2012, in category evaluated by a professional panel. We truly appreciate the award, and will do our best to prove our qualities also in next year.

svatební místo roku 2012     Anketa Svatební místo roku 2012


Baby donkey Armani

On the 5th of September 2012  baby donkey Armani was born.

Armani donkeyArmani donkeyArmani donkey


H. E. Miroslav cardinal Vlk visited restaurant Krcma U Ezopa

On Tuesday 29.05.2012, day of his birthday, H. E. Miroslav cardinal Vlk visited Karlstejn, where after receiving ceremonial document, from the rector of Charles University, in which is expressed honorable recognition for personal contribution to cultivation and development of spiritual traditions, held meeting with public, with the presence of journalists and news reporters. H. E. Miroslav cardinal Vlk and former Prague archbishop visited Karlstejn Castle, and then moved to restaurant Krcma U Ezopa, where he ended his trip with a lunch. Photos from visit of H. E. Miroslav cardinal Vlk can be found on website of restaurant Krcma U Ezopa, in section Photogallery (here), or on Facebook page Krcma U Ezopa (here).

  0 0


In a quarry near beroun will be opened first climbing park in the country


On Tuesday 08.05.2012, in quarry Alkazar near Beroun, will be opened first climbing park in the country. It is a free accessible attraction, which should serve as a place for safe climbing of beginners as well as experienced climbers.

Similar attractions are common, mainly in Alp countries. The vice chairman of the Czech Climbers Union, Petr Resch stated that similar parks will opened also in other places in Czech lands.

The climbing park can be found on location of former watermen camp. Climbers have put on the wall of the quarry safety devices, and also built among other things simulator for trainings of falls.

Part of the park are also children attractions, e.g. boulders for jumping, levitating wood log for balance training, horizontal bar, and fire place.

According to Resch, they drew inspiration from similar attraction, which can be found in Austria or northern Italy, where are used by whole families.

“Generally speaking, we have created space where people can safely climb, and eventually let their children to play around, or just sit and relax in natural environment.” Resch stated.


Restaurant 'Krčma u Ezopa' 

We have opened a new typical Czech restaurant 'Krčma u Ezopa'. The restaurant is far just 500 meters from the hotel. Come to taste traditional Czech dishes. More information you can find on


Statue of Francesco Petrarca at Hotel Mlýn Karlštejn  alt

From available historical resources it is obvious that the poet, scholar and humanist of the Italian Renaissance Francesco Petrarca (1304 - 1374) was invited by the emperor Charles IV. and visited Bohemia in 1356. During his stay in Prague he went, among other places, to Karlstejn too and saw the castle under construction. To celebrate this important anniversary, Company H&Hotels Group had a bronze life-size equestrian statue of Francesco Petrarca made.

The sculptor rendered the moment, in which Francesco Petrarca forded a river and he stopped with his horse in the beautiful countryside of the Beroun region and noted down a lyrical verse.

The equestrian statue is a work of the Master of Sculpture Vojtech Kokes ( The piece of art was made by the traditional lost wax method. The statue model was first made of wax and then cast in bronze. Its production lasted over 3 years. The statue is located in the open air of the premises of the Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn, which is a place where Francesco Petrarca spent a night during his visit to Karlštejn. Mentions of the place where a water mill with a river ford for ox carts used to stand date back to as early as the 12th century.


Ezop & Sara

We have the pleasure to announce you that we have welcomed a new member at Romantic Hotel
Mlyn Karlstejn – donkey Ezop. And few days after also came his bride – donkey lady Sara.alt

One and half year old donkey Ezop, which is originally from Andalusia, has golden-brown ears and mane of the same color. On other hand, three year old donkey lady Sara, originally from Greece, has silver-grey hairs and distinct drawing of Christian cross on the back, which signifies that she is descendant of the donkeys from Bethlehem.

Donkeys are social animals and they are well known for their sharp senses, especially ear and sight. Their food mainly consists of grass and herbs. Donkeys can live up to 40 years in domestic breeding.

Come to Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn to see our unique donkeys!
Make you children happy and make a picture with our donkeys Ezop & Sara.


The world record was broken    

On 19.6.2010, at Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn, the new world record in pull ups, without touching the ground was achieved by Jan Kares. He managed to do unbelievable 235 pull ups in 35 minutes.





The ones, who visited this unique event at Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn, could witness Jan Kares making new world record in pull ups without touching the ground.

WHEN? 19.06.2010

WHERE? Romantic Hotel Mlyn Karlstejn


'Baywatch' from luxury hotel saved three drowning people

 7th June, 2010, MF Dnes

Managers of hotel in Karlstejn saved three lives at the end of this week. Three-year old girl was hospitalized in critical condition. Doctors had to put her into artificial sleep. Also two watermen nearly died in flooded Berounka.

KARLSTEJN. Luxurious Romantic hotel Mlyn Karlstejn, located on the bank of Berounka could rebuild one of its 21 rooms to first-aid station. During last four days, four people were drowning in its close vicinity. If there was not attentiveness and quick reactions of the hotel’s clients and staff, two crosses would now be standing in the middle of the reeds.

The last incident which could end tragically happened on Saturday noon. Hotel manager, Jan Dostal pulled out of the barrage, near the former Karlstejn’s mill, one of two drowning leaders of waterman division of pioneers PS Beta, from Prague 10. “I was cleaning the river form PET bottles. Then, I saw a raft landed some distance from me and the watermen looked very disturbed. They were looking to the barrage, where two orange life vests were spinning in the water. So I said to my self that this is not normal and that somebody is probably fighting for his life” described the situation for MF DNES.

He pulled him out with rake

Leaders of the watermen were, in contrary to others, traveling on canoe which in flooded river knocked over, and they, as watermen say, “made them selves” /ended up in water/. Jan Dostal remained calm. “I took the rake and shout at one of them to grab the rake, but he was not responding. So I hooked his vest with rake and dragged him to the shore. The other watermen helped me to drag him out, he was heavy and slippy” remembers Jan Dostal.

Second drowning man got his self out by own help. “He was gesticulating that he has no more strength to help his friend,” explained Dostal why he was the only one helping the leader of pioneers. The watermen were lucky that their canoe knocked over near the shore. If the accident happened in the middle of the river, their salvage would take a much longer time. 

Resuscitation of the forty two-year old man was done by Dostal with the help of hotel barman.

“He started to massage his chest, while I was giving him artificial respiration. Initially he was not breathing at all, but after a while I managed to make him breath. And after 30 minutes he was able to recognize friends and respond.” said Dostál. The man was transported into hospital by helicopter. Leader of the pioneers PS Beta, Prague 10 Antonin Unger did not want to comment whether they overestimated their skills. “Thanks to the hotel staff for perfect rescue mission” said Unger.

I did not wait for anything and just go

The helicopter flew for drowned person on the same place already on Thursday afternoon. Three year-old girl fell into water opposite the hotel, just across the river. She would probably die if hotel host, who was by coincidence German children’s doctor, having lunch on the hotel terrace, did not notice her.

“He was watching the girl whole time. Suddenly he jumped out and started to alert us that girl fell into the water,” remembers waitress Alexandra Mala. She informed the director of the hotel Ilja Bautkin. “I did not wait for anything, just jumped into car and went there. When I got on the grass, where the girl fell, something dragged me to left. I went into the water and saw some clothing,” described Bautkin.

The girl was near the water without her parents. When director of the hotel finally arrived on the place, her body was more than 4 minutes under the water. Despite the fact, that thanks to the massive rains there was more water in the river, and the water stream was stronger, he managed to get her on shore in time. Once she got out of the water, the German doctor immediately started to resuscitate her.

After a while, her mother arrived on the scene with second, smaller child in her arms. How her daughter got into the water is now being investigated by police.

Now the girl is hospitalized in critical condition in Prague hospital Motol. “Although she is still on life supporting machines on ACCM, her state is stabilized,” said to MF DNES hospital spokesman Eva Jurinova.

foto foto foto foto foto foto